PHEBO® (Platform for Hi-tech / Hi-touch Evaluation of Biometrics Observation) is a medical device that supports healthcare operators in home tele-monitoring, e-health, telecare, tele-assistance and telemedicine activities in general.

This advanced software medical device enables to manage the acquisition of vital physiological parameters (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose level, weight, ECG, Sp02, heart rate…), video communications, questionnaires and multimedia files (images, videos, audios).

The secure and prompt data exchange respects all security standards required in the health care, in compliance with the rules related to the patients’ privacy.

PHEBO® is an instrument that can help doctors when dealing with patients having different pathologies, for example, heart failure, diabetes and COPD.

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> It improves the patients' quality of life

> It fosters and optimizes the work of doctors and healthcare operators.

> It increases the service efficiency and productivity.

> It reduces the cost of prolonged or unnecessary hospitalizations.

> It enables to have a personalized diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

> It makes communication between doctors and their patients easier and quicker.

> It enables to have an articulate and detailed information exchange among healthcare operators, patients and structures.

> It provides information and statistics, it supports decisions and it offers an useful overview in the activities control


> Simple use for patients and all other users of the system.

> Use of easy multimedia communication tools that enable doctors to give personalized information to each patient.

> Bidirectional communication between the Control Room and patients, preventing the latter from going out for technical updates, reconfigurations or software maintenance.

> Bluetooth interaction between the communication devices provided to the patients and electromedical devices.

> Possible monitoring also through old generation devices or devices not provided with Bluetooth, thanks to ad hoc windows that record the previous measurements.

> Adaptable to different types of assistance as it is flexible and scalable, according to the different users and pathologies.

> Easy integration with third parts.


The technology adopted is mainly characterized by the following features: Standards, Usability, Stability and Performances.

The applications are developed by using open source Java-JEE and Android platforms.


ISO 13485 e 93/42/CEE

The PHEBO ® System has been certified II class medical device in compliance with the international UNI EN ISO 13485 standard, moreover, it has the CE brand in accordance with the 93/42/CEE directive.


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