Centro Polifunzionale Territoriale in Massafra

The organizational module, which actively involves general practitioners of the local healthcare centre Centro Polifunzionale Territoriale in Massafra, intends to use the PHEBO® platform aiming at offering a constant, accurate and efficient assistance service through clinics and services.

The offer of services is enhanced by the provision of functions that use home tele-monitoring devices, thus ensuring prevention and management and accuracy of treatments to patients who suffer from chronic diseases: hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and COPD.

General practitioners access the platform and examine the data of each patient, then they create a personalized planning, scheduling visits and specifying the treatments that need to be followed, as well as setting the time and dose related to the drugs administration.

This way the General Practice undertakes the coordination of the prevention and assistance programmes, thus filling the gap between hospitals and local situations and ensuring a proper response to citizen health needs.

GPI spa

Via Ragazzi del ‘99 nr.13, 38123 Trento (Italia)

T: 0039 0461 381515 | F: 0039 0461 381599

R.I. TN | CF | PI 01944260221 | R.E.A. C.C.I.A.A. TN nr. 189428

Cap. Soc. Euro 8.532.846,90 I.V.

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